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Dental care at home

Due to this extraordinary situation, nothing is more important than staying at home nowadays, but it’s also important, to care with yourself inclouding your with your teeth at home as well. Here you can find 10 pieces of advice from our lead clinician, Dr. Soma Veszprémi about what you can do from home for your oral health

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Bleeding gums – a common disease

There are very few adults with non-bleeding gums: according to statistics, 90% of the adult population has gum bleeding problems in at least a small area and at least 20% suffer from severe periodontal disease, including bone destruction and tooth decay.

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All about Veneers

Porcelain and composite veneers are particularly successful nowadays, because only a very small amount of tooth enamel is removed, the teeth do not have to get a crown immediately, in addition, veneers are very beautiful and durable.

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