Interview with Dr. Msc Soma Veszprémi

How long have you been in the dental industry, and how long have you been working at Evergreen Dental?

First I got a degree in Faculty of Dentistry in at University of Szeged. Later I continued my studies at University of Semmelweis in Budapest than I got a master degree in Implantology and Dental Surgery at University of Muenster, Germany. I have been practicing for 10 years and have been the Lead Clinician at Evergreen Dental since 2016.

What are your professional fields and what kind of works are you the most comfortable with?

My professional fields are implantology, bone grafts and I mostly work with complex cases.

How do you see the Covid-19 pandemic situation is affecting the dental industry?

Dentists have been in a rather difficult place due to Covid-19, because it is impossible to have the dental work done in home office, the dentist and the patient are mostly pretty close to each other during the treatments. In Hungary, dentistries could not be open for 1.5 months without the necessary protective equipment – which was extremely expensive and difficult to get at the beginning of the pandemic situation – and who were open could only serve acute care.

At first, like everyone, we were scared of what will happen now, but now we are constantly monitoring the latest regulations by the hungarian government, the news and we are doing our best to prepare everything we can to reopen as soon as possible. That is why we have already started to buy the necessary disinfectants and protective equipment, and in the background we are still working in our home offices to make our administration systems more modern and advanced. We also use this time to review our background work so that the path of our future patients (from the need for dental care to Evergreen Dental) could be as short as possible.

When do you think this situation will end?

It’s hard to say, to estimate a date. One thing I am sure that not everything will be 100% as it was before. Hygiene will play a more important role in people’s daily lives, we will have to pay more attention to each other and we might have to follow slightly stricter rules. Just to give an example, the work clothes of dental workers will also change significantly, because we have to wear serious protective equipment as well.

When can Evergreen Dental reopen?

As soon as possible. Although the government in Hungary has allowed private dental clinics to operate since May 4th, as our patient base consists of foreign patients, we need to consider several factors before opening. One of the most important is the opening of the borders, because until that happens, our foreign patients will not be able to reach us. We also find important our patients travel only when it is already safe for them. Then we have to mention the opening of hotels in Budapest, because there must be a place where our patients can stay, and at the end we are waiting for the catering units to operate again as usual.

Ensuring the perfect service is our basic task, so these are crucial factors in the preparing for reopening. I can assure you that as soon as we feel that the conditions are in place, we will do our utmost to open and we will inform you immediately on our channels.

We are coming back! 🙂

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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