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Titanium implant

Titanium implants have a very high success rate and have been widely adopted as an effective way to replace missing teeth. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that is well tolerated by the human body. It also integrates well with the bone in your body and is favoured over zirconia, which is the other material that is used sometimes for dental [...]

Oral surgery

When a dentist mentions “oral surgery,” many patients begin to panic. The patient may be thinking that there is something seriously wrong with them that they are going to be undergoing a dangerous, painful, and expensive procedure. The truth is, however, that many oral surgery procedures are commonplace and address conditions that many people experience, such as impacted wisdom teeth, [...]


Anesthesia is a medical treatment that prevents patients from feeling pain during surgery. To produce anesthesia, dentists use drugs called anesthetics. These drugs include general, regional, and local anesthetics. General anesthetics put patients to sleep during the procedure. Local and regional anesthetics just numb part of the body and allow patients to remain awake during the procedure. Contact us

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia refers to using a drug called an anesthetic to temporarily numb a small area of your body. Your doctor might use a local anesthetic before doing a minor procedure, such as a skin biopsy. You might also receive local anesthesia before a dental procedure, such as a tooth extraction. Unlike general anesthesia, local anesthesia doesn’t make you fall [...]


Lockjaw, which is also sometimes called trismus, is a condition in which a person's jaw muscles spasm. If you develop lockjaw, your jaw may be "frozen" in a certain position, and you might not be able to open your mouth wide. Lockjaw can occur in association with a variety of health conditions, including cancer treatment, tetanus, and as a medication [...]

Bite block

Dental bite blocks are used to help keep a patient's mouth and jaw open wide enough during a clinical procedure. Also known as mouth props, these small devices are designed to provide enough strength to prevent the patient from closing down, but a soft enough surface to provide patient comfort. Bite blocks can be disposable or reusable, and it is [...]