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Sinus lift

The missing substance is built up in the lower jaw, so-called sinus elevation or sinus lift is necessary in the posterior upper jaw, which means the elevation of the maxillary sinus or the elevation of the jaw cavity base. This treatment is always planned very thoroughly, for which a three-dimensional CT scan is required. Depending on the extent of the bone loss, [...]


Next part of our dental lexicon are onlays. Contrary with inlays are “onlays” that replace cusps and have a volume. Onlays refer to the outside area of the teeth when the filling includes the replacement of the tooth edge as well. Also onlays can be made of gold, composite or ceramic however inlays and onlays of gold are not that [...]


Learn more about inlays in our dental lexicon. An inlay needed when the cavity is spread-out in a way that a regular filling is not sufficient and a more extensive filling produced in the dental lab, is needed. Inlays are a very good possibility for saving a tooth with strong cavity. The materials used for inlays are gold, composite or [...]

Dental Bridge

In case a tooth is extensively damaged or crooked but other than that the root is good, there is no inflammation and therefore can be kept then the tooth is being covered by a dental root canal crown. With crowns and bridges we can imitate the real teeth perfectly so that even experienced eyes might not see the difference between [...]


Bleaching is a process of lightening of the teeth, usually using a chemical oxidizing agent and sometimes in the presence of heat. Removal of deep seated intrinsic or acquired discolorations from crowns of vital and non-vital teeth through the use of chemicals, sometimes in combination with the application of heat and light. Bleaching has been achieved through short and long [...]

Tooth gap

Tooth gap is a space between the two front teeth on the upper row of teeth in a male or females mouth. having a gap is considered a sex symbol (like beauty marks) and attractive. Recently, having a gap has been associated with overly sexual people, so to hear a girl being called a slut because she has a gap [...]