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Great! You think about the health of your teeth so early, that's not ordinary! So you will certainly do everything to ensure that they stay healthy for a long time. Daily brushing teeth and once a year professional teeth cleaning and you are already doing a lot ?

Life is only beginning now! It's great that you think about your teeth in good time, because most of the problems start with 40.
Brush teeth every day and once a year professional teeth cleaning and you're already doing a great deal ?

In the middle of life a radiant smile is a great thing, makes you look young and healthy and gives you enormous self-confidence ?

For the health healthy, beautiful teeth are very important, great that you deal with the subject ?

With a healthy, beautiful smile you can really enjoy life ?

What a nice age! The most important thing is to enjoy life and that includes healthy and beautiful teeth ?

Are you afraid of the dentist?

As we specialize on the treatment of anxiety patients, we often meet patients who have not been to the dentist for a long time because of fear. Consequences of dental fear can be neglected or bad teeth. This fear of a dental treatment typically has its causes in one or more of the following experiences:

  • Fear of pain that you once experienced
  • An unfriendly or gross dentist
  • Insufficient information before dental treatment
  • Anatomical problems, such as Gagging or hypersensitivity
  • Sensitivity to odors or sounds

At Evergreen Dental, we have a great deal of experience with anxiety patients and are well-prepared, so we help our little team overcome these fears. The most modern techniques we use ensure painless treatments and our dentists are very sensitive and careful and have a very fine approach.


Evergreen Dental specializes in performing dental treatment under general anaesthesia. We work exclusively with the chief anaesthetist of the Budapest Military Hospital and his team, who have nearly 40 years of experience, so general anaesthesia is absolutely safe. After treatment, the patient can rest in our recovery room.

"I visited Evergreen Dental after conducting extensive research regarding dental clinics in Europe. After non diagnosis of chronic advanced gum disease even though I had visited my UK dentist every 6 months. The prognosis was dire, the loss of teeth would be inevitable.
I had three visits to Evergreen at 6 month intervals, in August 2018 I had all of my top teeth removed, sinus lifts and bone grafts and the start of the implant procedure returning for the final leg in February 2019. I now have a smile to be proud of. I cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the staff at Evergreen. They have made a very traumatic situation bearable. I would highly recommend Evergreen Dental
- Elisabeth Staunton

Great! No need to be afraid. Evergreen Dental puts a big focus on empathic, painless dental treatment, our staff is very friendly and attentive.

What kind of dental problem are you facing?

In the case of missing teeth either implants, or bridges are made, depending on the situation.

if the roots are good, we can generally solve the problem with crowns / bridges, and 1 visit is sufficient. If the roots are not good 1-3 visits are required

in case of aesthetic problems, usually either veneers or crowns can be made

in case of inflamed teeth either a tooth cleaning / deep cleaning, dental crowns or the replacement of the teeth is necessary

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