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Bar-Supported Denture SALE

Save now € 400

Visit our Evergreen Dental Clinic in Budapest in October or November by taking advantage of our bar-supported denture sale.

these type of prostheses is usually fixed on 4 implants and it has an additional metal bar ensuring additional hold and stability. The metal parts go along the back of the teeth so none of them is visible therefore a high aesthetic result can be achieved. (Only for new patients.)

A bar-supported removable bridge costs instead of € 2.890

now for € 2.490


  • More than 100 General Anesthesia in the year
  • More than 2000 Crown in the year
  • More than 700 Implants in the year
  • Professionel Dentist Team
  • Implants from € 960
  • International Certificates
  • Perfect price-performance
  • Extensive Guarantie
Dr. MSc Soma Veszprémi

Dr. MSc Soma Veszprémi

Lead clinician

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