Aesthetic solutions
from Evergreen Dental

Our technologies allow
high-end quality teeth
looking perfectly
like the originals.

Porcelain veneers
from € 350

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Dental implants from € 690

A splendid smile
reveals a healthy

Have a perfect smile
with our implants

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More than Dentistry

Dental travel is always about more than dentistry.  It’s a complex matter where the dental treatment itself is key, but the fine details such as full service in travel arrangements like flight booking, accommodation, airport pickup, in-city drives and the like will add to the overall patient comfort and enhance the experience.  We take extra care to ensure that not only will you receive the very best dental care with the highest quality materials, but that you also have a great overall experience, by taking care of all those little details for you.

Dr. Soma Veszprémi, Chefarzt

Consultation package

An easy and convenient way to get to know Evergreen Dental before deciding for a dental treatment.

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General anesthesia

The most convenient way to have much treatment done in one session without noticing anything of it.


Quality implants

We work with the best implant systems and offer lifetime guarantee and worldwide support.

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Bone grafting

We are top sepcialist for simple and very complex bone graft treatments.

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Aesthetic solutions

Dreaming of the Hollywood-smile? Let us make it happen.

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Other services

Filling – Inlay – Onlay – Periodontology – Removable solutions – Endodontology – Oral surgery


We can offer you a wide variety of dental services

Evergreen Dental clinic in Budapest offers the whole spectre of dentistry at one place, though we are specialized on bone grafting and implants, larger aesthetic treatments, full restorations and dealing with dental anxiety for instance we are specialized on treatments under general anaesthesia.

Evergreen Dental is the most patient-friendly Budapest dental clinic ( We are a certified high-quality provider of all types of dental services. If you are looking for dental treatment in Hungary at a private clinic in Budapest that offers perfect dental care and related partially unique services then check out our offers and get in touch with us.

Representatives in the UK

We have local representatives in the UK who are happy to assist you on all dental matters.

Travel organization

Our travel department makes gladly books  everything for you and makes your arrival as easy and inexpensive as possible.

Guarantee policy

We offer the longest extended guarantee; life-long guarantee on implants, 5 years on crowns.

Consultation package

Come to Budapest for as little as £169 and get to know us. The price includes travel costs (flight max. £111) and a free consultation with X-ray

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Bleeding gums – a common disease

Bleeding gums – a common disease

There are very few adults with non-bleeding gums: according to statistics, 90% of the adult population has gum bleeding problems in at least a small area and at least 20% suffer from severe periodontal disease, including bone destruction and tooth decay.