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We offer the longest extended guarantee; life-long guarantee on implants, 5 years on crowns.

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A dental trip to Hungary is a complex affair in which dental treatment plays the key role, but not the sole one.
Evergreen Dental Clinic is different from others.



Dr. Attila Simay – Lead Clinician, Oral Surgeon, Implantologist


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Bone grafting

We are top sepcialist
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very complex
bone graft treatments.

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Filling – Inlay – Onlay – Periodontology – Removable solutions – Endodontology – Oral surgery

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What is dental plaque and tartar?

Dental plaque is a thin layer of sticky substance, mostly formed by a mixture of saliva, bacteria and other microorganisms, like fungi and it deposits on the gum line, between teeth and also on their front surface as well as behind them.


Buda and Pest: one city, two personalities. The Hungarian capital is divided into two by the Danube: Buda and Pest. The Buda side is the quiet, green side, while Pest is where you find the hustle and bustle.

Everything you need to know about tooth extraction and aftercare

Afraid of tooth extraction? Read our article and hopefully you will feel more comfortable about it! And some useful tips for aftercare.