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For anxiety patients

We specialize in treating patients with dental anxiety, so we regularly see patients that have not been to the dentist for years or even decades as they have been scared of the dentist but need treatment after all.  Most of the time the dental phobia is caused by a previous bad experience like a scary dentist or lack of empathy or information.  At Evergreen Dental we have vast experience with treating anxious patients.  We are fully prepared so we can help our patients eliminate any possible stress and chair phobia with empathy in order to be able to carry out the dental treatment,.

One will sense this as early as the first arrival, since our friendly team makes every effort to take care so that there will be no reason to be afraid. Besides, we strive to minimize waiting times, to ensure the treatment progresses seamlessly, so that the shortest time necessary is spent in the waiting room.

Our dentists are highly emphatic and have a smoothing effect on patients. On occasion of each and every treatment, one will perceive how they care when the dentist provides with a precise explanation on what will happen and handles the problem with utmost tactfulness. All treatments are done on local anesthetics allowing a completely painless treatment.

General anesthesia

We can offer – in conjunction with our anesthesiologist team – the option of general anaesthesia as well, so that one can be getting put to sleep at the dentist to have a pleasant time during treatment, without even noticing what is happening. We are specialized in treatments conducted in general anaesthesia, therefore many tremulous patients choose us consciously as we have the best dentists for nervous patiens. We are ready to provide you with detailed information on this method.

We have been working for many years on an exclusive basis with the team of Dr. Béla Szabó, the head anaesthetist of the Military Hospital in Budapest who has a more than 30-year experience.


At Evergreen Dental, almost exclusively in Budapest, we are specialized on administering dental treatments and oral surgery while the patient is under general anaesthesia as the conditions are met on a high level in accordance with the European standards at our clinic. The patient can spend the time after the intervention, uniquely, in the comfort of the recovery room where she or he can even be with relatives.


Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for patients who experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist. It involves the use of medication to help patients relax during dental procedures.

There are different types of sedation available, ranging from minimal to deep sedation, depending on the patient’s needs and the complexity of the procedure. Sedation dentistry is safe and effective when administered by a qualified and experienced dentist. It can also be used for patients who have a low pain threshold or a sensitive gag reflex.

The medications used in sedation dentistry can make patients drowsy, so it’s essential to arrange transportation to and from the dental clinic. Patients undergoing sedation dentistry should also avoid eating or drinking for several hours before the procedure. The dentist will evaluate each patient’s medical history and current health status before deciding whether sedation is appropriate for them.

Overall, sedation dentistry can help patients receive the dental care they need without the fear and anxiety that may prevent them from seeking treatment.

Why am I an anxiety patient?

The good news, nobody was born as an anxiety patient. It is rather a previous bad experience that causes the restraints and the brain increases the effect. After a while everything in connection with a dental clinic is becoming annoying, the sound of the drill, the smell of germicide, etc.

Mainly the originator of this anxiety is a bad experience with the dentist who either didn’t fulfil our trust, was rude or impatient causing the loss of trust.

The dentists at Evergreen Dental are aware, are very patient and take the necessary time allow you to develop trust towards them. This will probably be a very new experience for you. Many patients who for decades believed they are anxiety patients had to realise: they are not.

Options for patients with dental phobia

Pills: calmatives like Xanax are available at our clinic for easing the stress.

Sedation: this is performed by gas into the mouth where the patient remains awake and is therefore not as comfortable and secure as general anaesthesia.

Local anaesthesia with Lidocaine: is always used at our clinic to ensure a completely painless dental treatment.

General anaesthesia: it is performed intravenously by a specialist ensuring the safest, most comfortable dental treatment allowing several procedures to be done at once.

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