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Digital technology

A natural and attractive smile can be one of the keys to your self-confidence. However, planning and carrying out dental treatments traditionally takes a lot of time and patience. But today we have reached a point where, thanks to digital technology, dental planning and treatment is faster, more predictable and more precise than ever before.

What is digital smile design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a digital dental system that allows dentists to accurately design a patient’s smile. This process usually starts with a camera photo shoot, then the digital system allows dentists to design the new smile and patients to see in advance how their new smile will look. This design process takes into account a number of factors such as the patient’s facial expression, face shape, tooth shape and colour.

What are the benefits?

  • Better understanding of individual patient needs: with Digital Smile Design, dentists can examine patients’ teeth and face in detail and tailor smile design to meet individual needs and expectations.
    Better communication between dentist and patient. This allows the dentist and patient to communicate better and discuss the design process accurately.
  • Improved design accuracy: More accurate planning allows dentists to better predict the outcome and ensure a better final result.
  • Time and cost savings: In addition, thanks to more accurate planning, fewer cases require correction, which can mean cost savings for patients.
  • Better outcomes: This ensures that the end result will be what the patient expects and wants, and they will be more satisfied with the outcome of their treatment.
Kovács Zoltán
Dr. Zoltán KovácsDigital Smile Design specialist with 5 years of experience

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