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It is an incredible difference from many aspects to live with or without beautiful teeth. New perfect teeth not only allow to enjoy every meal again but will return the smile, the confidence the self esteem, will make one look younger and healthier.  Take a look at some of our works below including veneers before and after and dental bridges before and after.


Jan E. (DA)
8 Implants, bar-supported dentures for upper and lower jaw, 10 days –  12.000 €

Manuela V. (D)
28 Zircon crowns, 10 days – 11.000 €

Veronika E. (D)
28 e.Max full ceramic crowns, 10 days – 11.000 €


Hardi P. (D)
7 Implants, 13 Zircon telescopic crowns, upper-lower telescopic prostheses BioHPP (Premium),  12 days – 19.000 €

Paul R. (D)
12 Zircon crowns, 5 days – 4.500 €

Sarah H. (D)
20 Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, 5 days – 5.500 €

Michael P. (CH)
4 e.Max porcelain veneers, 5 days – 1.500 €


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