What types are there and how much does a removable denture or removable bridge cost?

See below the most common removable denture types and all the removable denture and bridge costs:

Bar-supported denture

these type of prostheses is usually fixed on 4 implants and it has an additional metal bar ensuring additional hold and stability. The metal parts go along the back of the teeth so none of them is visible therefore a high aesthetic result can be achieved.

Premium Full denture

The fixation is being done on the gum by adhesion crème.

Removable denture on 2 or 4 implants

Also known as click prostheses. Two or four implants are being placed ensuring a strong hold for the prostheses and leaving the gum area free. Between implants and prostheses locators are being fixed. When placing the denture on the implants it mounts (clicks) at the right position.

Model-cast denture or clamp prostheses

these solution is always used in order to connect existing teeth with a prostheses. Small, hidden clamps are anchored to the last existing tooth on both sides ensuring additional stability.


A removable solution always means a denture that can be used in case a patient has lost so many teeth and the bone situation doesn’t allow a fixed work or the patient prefers to have removable teeth due to one or more of the advantages as listed below.

A denture can be removed for cleaning. Even though one has to get used to wearing a denture, nowadays they have a very high aesthetic effect and look almost like natural teeth. A removable solution is a high-quality alternative in case a fixed dental work is not possible or desired.

We talk about a partial denture in case some teeth have to be replaced and we talk about a full denture if the prostheses is covering the full jaw. The still existing teeth remain and the prostheses always adjusts to the given situation.

Non removable dentures refer to fixed bridges. You can read about them more in the section permanent solutions.

Please be aware that a removable solution especially a full or partial denture in many cases has to be adjusted after the treatment as the gum changes anatomically after the treatment, for instance as the wound of extracted teeth heal.


  • Low priced
  • Less invasive
  • Easily repairable

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