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All what you must know about removable complete dentures

Full plate dentures are a kind of removable teeth replacement used as treatment alternative for the condition known as edentulism, to replace the teeth and the gum. Removable complete dentures lay on the bone base of the mucous membranes and they are kept in place through the combined action of the facial muscles, the surface of the mucous membrane bone, the chewing pressure and the force of gravity. Removable complete dentures are made of special plastic material but often contain metal parts.

If it dries out the denture can become deformed for this reason, if you want it to last long then, when you are not wearing it, the denture must be put in a cleaning fluid or liquid!

The process of preparing a full plate replacement

The making of a removable complete denture or removable prosthesis is a time-consuming task requiring thorough preparation. The procedure starts with personal consulting during which we discuss your dental problems and examine the oral cavity and prepare a treatment plan. Following the drafting of the treatment plan, dental impression is taken, and then the dental orthodontic technician prepares a plaster cast of it and based thereupon, a plaster sample.

Functions complete removable dentures must fulfil

Vollprothesen für Ober- und Unterkifer

The decreased ability to chew may result in digestive disorders and ulcers

The complete lack of teeth causes phonation problems, as the shape of the mouth changes to an all more considerable extent and so do the size of the oral cavity, the position of the tongue, the shape and size of the jaw bone ridge

Facial features change, the facial muscles lose their support and the lack of support results in deeper wrinkles

Patients having lost their teeth may have phsychological problems and become shy

Disadvantages of removable complete dentures for new wearers

The use of a removable complete denture is something you must learn. Practically, you must learn chewing again. As a side effect, you may have ptyalism or feel nauseated, but in the majority of the cases these symptoms last for a few days only. It may also happen that in the beginning a new removable denture causes sore spots and, thereby, pain. Should anything like this happen, please visit your dentist immediately!

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