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What is bone graft?

Bone graft is a surgical approach in dentistry that allows implant placement even if the patient initially does not have enough bone (in quantity and quality) to get a fixed denture. Bone graft is always made when implants are desired. The reason why a bone graft becomes necessary is usually bone loss. Bone loss usually occurs when one or more lost teeth are not replaced for an extended period of time, the bone loses its function, since no chewing force is produced and this bone section becomes superfluous and the bone therefore regresses. Also, osteoporosis can lead to bone loss. Implantation can only be done in a bone that has adequate quality and quantity, if that is not given, the bone must be replaced. The bone can be replaced by means of bone substitutes (BioOss), the own bone of the patient, or by the combination of both, but these can only be used if the blood supply to the bone is good. If this is not given, a bone transplant is the only reliable solution.


The missing substance is built up in the lower jaw, so-called sinus elevation or sinus lift is necessary in the posterior upper jaw, which means the elevation of the maxillary sinus or the elevation of the jaw cavity base. This treatment is always planned very thoroughly, for which a three-dimensional CT scan is required. Depending on the extent of the bone loss, there are two different techniques: we work with a so-called closed technique for smaller bone loss, we lift the lower wall of the maxillary sinus using a special instrument and fill the resulting gap with bone replacement material. In the case of greater bone loss, we picture a small window on the side of the maxillary sinus and separate the mucous membrane from the bone, and also insert bone substitutes between both. Antibiotics must then be taken. After the necessary healing time of about six months, implants can be safely placed.



If the bone loss is so severe, or if the blood supply to the bone is so poor that the methods mentioned above do not work, it is necessary to transplant own bone to the necessary area. This can either be obtained from one’s own jaw, or if this is not sufficient, then it is extracted from the hip region. The bone transplantation is done in the hospital in general anesthesia and in local anesthesia. After the treatment antibiotics must be taken, but the regeneration is often carried out at a faster rate in 4-5 months, after which implants can already be placed, whereupon after an additional period of healing with a duration of an average of three months the final dental work can be prepared.

Bone build-up or bone replacement is a definite and stable solution to get fixed dentures so that a complete life can be enjoyed.

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Our clinic has the necessary background, we carry out all outpatient bone replacement treatments, even in general anesthesia, at Evergreen Dental. We do the bone transplant treatments in cooperation with the university clinic in Szeged and the senior chief physician, Professor Dr. Piffkó, who also teaches at the University of Münster. Thus we can help all patients with bone loss, in international comparison at favorable conditions with the most modern means and carried out by outstanding experts.

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