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More than dentistry

A dental trip to Hungary is a complex affair in which dental treatment plays the key role, but not the sole one.
Evergreen Dental Clinic is different from others.


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Come to us for any dental treatment and

we’ll plant a name-marked sapling for every new patient.

You can take a step not only for yourself and your health, but for the well-being of our planet!

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Come to us for dental treatment and we will help you with everything: we will explain to you in detail how your treatment will proceed, help you with travel arrangement, book your flight and accommodation, organize transfers, etc.

We offer the longest extended guarantee; life-long guarantee on implants, 5 years on crowns; 1 year on veneers

Come to Budapest for a consultation, including one night stay and personalized treatment plan writing


General anesthesia / year
Dental crowns / year
Dental implants / year

An easy and convenient way to get to know Evergreen Dental. Check what is included in our package:

The most convenient way to have much treatment done in one session without noticing anything of it.

Change your smile without uncomfortable metal braces! Each clear brace is tailored to your smile.

We work with the best implant systems and offer lifetime guarantee and worldwide support.

We are top specialist
for simple and
very complex
bone graft treatments.

Filling – Inlay – Onlay – Periodontology – Removable solutions – Endodontology – Oral surgery – Hollywood Smile


5 stars

“Dr. Attila Simay at Evergreen Dental not only removed my wisdom tooth painlessly, but his extremely professional and attentive approach was particularly reassuring and thanks to the quick healing, I can enjoy my daily life again without any disturbances. I am happy to recommend this dentistry to everyone!”

V. Anita

5 stars

Invisible braces are a fantastic solution! The big advantage is that it’s almost invisible, as you can hardly see it, so you don’t have to worry about how it looks. There are no wires or clasps to get in the way and it’s easy to remove. The dentist and all the staff were very helpful throughout the treatment. I already have beautiful straight teeth, I am very happy with the results!”

S. Dóra Szabina

5 stars

“I chose the All-on-4 treatment and I couldn’t be happier! Only four implants and now I can wear a beautifully fixed denture. The procedure was quick and easy, and the results were immediate. I have regained my smile and my ability to chew and for that I am grateful to my dentist and his team. All-on-4 has changed my life and I would recommend it to everyone!”

K. Antónia


Full range of services

Our patients can come to us with any request, we will help them with everything.

The Evergreen Dental clinic is located in the centre of Budapest, on the famous Andrássy Avenue, in a completely renovated and beautiful building dating back to 1870.

The certified dental clinic itself is very modern and welcoming, where you will immediately feel at home. The warm green colours of the pleasantly scented waiting room and high-speed Wi-Fi give it the ambience of a living room. The friendly staff will ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Dental consultation with the chef oral surgeon


K. B. Alex
Alex Köpeczi-BóczHead of Sales

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    Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM
    Friday: 9 AM – 1 PM


    45. Andrássy Avenue
    Budapest, 1061

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    The importance of regular dental check-up

    Regular medical check-up is important in every age, and this also applies to dental visits. Everybody knows that these visits are very important in order to maintain the health of our dental hygiene and to prevent serious problems.

    When is a tooth implant recommended?

    Losing a tooth affects a person’s everyday life on many levels and none of it is pleasant. First and foremost it has an effect on a physical level, making chewing more difficult, and it can cause emotional discomfort as well in case the place of the lost tooth is visible when smiling or speaking.

    What is a Sinus lift and when do we do it?

    When you visit your dentist and oral surgeon and together you have decided to have implants, you might face a problem. What happens when you don’t have enough bones for an operation?

    BPS Dentures

    There are some cases, where implant is not an option, this can be because of a medical or physiological reason. In such cases, BPS dentures can be an option for you.