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Aesthetic solutions have become top priority in dentistry lately as latest technologies allow high-end quality teeth looking perfectly like the originals. Full ceramic crowns, digital smile design have become state of the art treatments available at a fair price. We talk about aesthetic dentistry mainly when the look or the shape of the teeth has to be corrected.   


Teeth whitening

Did you know that the general image others have of us is greatly influenced by the condition of our smile and teeth?

One study shows that we notice other people’s smiles and teeth 78% of the time during first encounters.

Learn about our modern teeth whitening procedures that can give you noticeable results in a short time. With the help of our professional team, you can say goodbye to discolouration and regain a confident and attractive appearance.

Fogfehérítés - fogszínek

Teeth whitening from €100 at Evergreen Dental

Professional dental cleaning

During a dental scaling procedure, a modern ultrasonic instrument is used to thoroughly remove tartar from the teeth. The procedure is completely painless. To prevent bacteria from re-growing, the tooth surface is thoroughly polished smooth.

This will leave your breath fresh and your teeth a few shades whiter. This care can be maintained for a long time if you brush regularly and with the correct technique. Our dental hygienists can help you with this.


Ultrasonic scaling with polishing for 90€ at Evergreen Dental


Orthodontics is an area of dentistry that helps to optimise the correct alignment and function of teeth and jaws. Properly aligned teeth not only result in an aesthetically pleasing smile, but also contribute to healthy chewing and speech.

At Evergreen Dental, you can choose from a variety of orthodontic options. Both traditional and invisible braces are available at our clinic.

If you can’t decide which would be more optimal for you, don’t worry, our orthodontist can help you decide. In the meantime, click on the button to find out about the differences:

Láthatatlan fogszabályozó Spark Aligner

Orthodontics from €1300 at Evergreen Dental

Crowns and bridges

In case a tooth is extensively damaged or crooked but other than that the root is good and there is no inflammation then it can be kept and covered by a dental root canal crown. A tooth crown protects the tooth and solves the functional and aesthetic problems. With crowns and bridges we can imitate the real teeth perfectly so that even experienced eyes might not see the difference between original and fake. Crowns and bridges are mainly made out of ceramic fused to metal or of full ceramic.

A crown can be fixed on an implant also if the tooth does not exist any more or the damage is so extensive that it has to be removed and replaced. In this case we talk about an implant crown.

The elements of a bridge are also crowns and almost all crowns and bridges are made of metal with ceramic lining or of full ceramic (Zirconium).

We talk about a dental bridge if one or more gaps are treated with a prosthetic solution instead of placing an implant. A bridge consists always of at least three parts and tides over the gap by being attached on the two neighbouring teeth that are the pillars or in similar way on two or more implants. Then we talk about a dental implant bridge.

Crowns and bridges from €270 at Evergreen Dental


Veneers can correct the look of the teeth aesthetically so they belong into the category cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. These filmy, individual ceramic shells are being applied on the surface of teeth.

This process is minimal-invasive as only the outside surface of the tooth, the enamel is being removed.  Thanks to the used material (porcelain) veneers last long and are very resistant. Many optical disorders can be solved with it.

Veneers from €490 at Evergreen Dental

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