The importance of choosing the right materials

Ever wondered why some clinics can offer the same work at a substantially lower price?

The difference in pricing can mainly lead back to the differences of the specific materials used therefore always make sure you get information about the material used for your dental work. The use of high-quality materials is one of the most important factors in the longevity of your dental work. Even using just one average quality component at any point in the creation phase can have a devastating effect on the durability of the dental work and even halve the life expectancy of your dental work. That can mean decades.

At Evergreen Dental, both in the clinic and in the dental lab, we only use the best quality materials. On top of the obligatory implant pass, every patient receives a certificate at Evergreen Dental stating all the materials used and the solution that has been produced. All the materials we use are CE-certified or come from the United States or Japan (as these are the best filling materials for instance).

We can’t emphasize enough the necessity of using high-end materials therefore always make sure that you get only offered the best, not the lowest price but the best price-quality ratio should be the aim.