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Please carefully read the information on the precautions introduced by Evergreen Dental. At our dental clinic, all the conditions are in place to perform dental procedures safely with maximum protection. We provide increased safety measures to make sure that your health is maintained.

What we do to preclude the risk of infection:

✔ Our colleagues who come into contact with patients will wear a mask.

✔ In response to the situation, we have introduced stricter hygiene rules in our clinic: we pay special attention to thorough disinfection after each patient, which affects the treatment rooms, the waiting room, the toilets, the dental chairs, handles, tables, chairs, armchairs, and the floor.

✔ We regularly air the entire area of the clinic and minimize the use of air conditioners.

✔ Our colleagues – from our doctors and assistants to the receptionists and to the cleaning staff – have been educated on the new epidemiological and hygiene rules and the extra tasks needed, both on a theoretical and practical level.

✔ If COVID-19 disease is suspected based on the responses, treatment can only be performed with a negative PCR test not older than 3 days.

✔ We consciously regulate the number of patients arriving at our clinic, so it is possible for our patients waiting to adhere to physical distancing required in the epidemiological situation.

✔ Before treatment, each patient’s face is cleaned with a special disinfectant liquid.

✔ The toilets of the clinic are disinfected after each use.

✔ Our colleagues only carry out work if they are healthy. We take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of our patients as well.

What we ask from you to reduce the risk of infection:

✔ Please cancel your appointment by email or phone if you or any person in your household do not feel well 2-3 days before your trip and experience any of the symptoms of the new COVID-19 disease.

✔ Please arrive on time without a companion. (An exception to this is the companion of a person with severe mobility impairments.) Nobody else, only the patients waiting to be treated are allowed to be in the area of the clinic.

✔ Please arrive at the clinic in a mask.

✔ Upon arrival, please wash your hands thoroughly with the hand sanitizer placed at the reception desk.

✔ In order to minimize the number of contacts, please pay 100% of the treatment fee by credit card upon arrival or transfer the amount in advance.

✔ Before and after treatment, our patients shall rinse their mouth with a 1% H2O2 solution as recommended by the WHO.

It is in our common interest to minimize the number of human contacts in order to provide adequate time for disinfection and, most importantly, to create real safety for both our patients and colleagues. Our waiting room is designed in a way that our patients can keep a distance of 2 meters from each other. Please comply with the above regulations.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

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