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How can I enter Hungary from 1st of September 2020?

Patients who receive healthcare can enter the territory of Hungary even under the current border lock.*

Please follow these steps:

  1. Evergreen Dental sends a health referral to its patients preparing to travel. In possession of this referral, you must complete a fairness claim in English prior to travel, which you can find HERE.
    Please select the form COVID-02.
  2. Shortly after you submit your fairness claim, you receive a decision from the police that you can enter the country.
  3. After you received this decision, please do a PCR test at your homeland. Please do not forget to bring your negative PCR result and the police’s decision with you because it is mandatory to be presented at the Hungarian border. The negative PCR test result cannot be taken more than 3 days prior to travel.
  4. A health-check will be made at the border if you do not show any symptoms of a coronavirus, you may enter the country.  If you arrive with an airplane, the second PCR test will be made at Budapest Airport. If you arrive with a car, than Evergreen Dental will arrange your second PCR test performed by a private clinic.
  5. You will receive a decision of a home quarantine obligation at the border. After this, you have to take the shortest route to your home quarantine location (which you have chosen and registered to the policein advance). It can be a hotel, apartment etc.
  6. To leave home quarantine, you must have 2 negative PCR test results, so you have to wait in your home quarantine location for your second test result.
  7. A procedural fee of HUF 3,000 (~ €10) must be paid to the Hungarian State Treasury.
  8. After submitting the two negative test results to an official organization, a decision will be passed out that you may leave the home quarantine.
  9. As soon as this paper arrives, we start your dental treatment.

*This regulation only applies to the Schengen Member States.

We would like to inform you that this process takes at least 3 working days in Hungary but we will do our best in managing the process.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

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