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Tooth loss is not easy at any part of somebody’s life. Especially, when the problem is so severe, it affects all of your teeth. There are some cases, where implant is not an option, this can be because of a medical or physiological reason. In such cases, BPS dentures can be an option for you.

BPS (stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic System) dentures were developed to suit the lifestyle of those patients who have a major tooth loss, but still want to enjoy their life to the fullest.

This denture type is not only aesthetic and functional, it is also very natural-like and are made out of high quality and carefully selected materials.

They are top-line precision dentures brought to you by years of perfecting products, systems and instruments. Due to the careful impression method used, BPS dentures provide you a precise fit. Your new denture will be done in a way that stimulates correct jaw function and movement. 

BPS dentures are perfectly able to reproduce the functions of a natural set of teeth when you are speaking or eating. Since BPS dentures require special materials, only certified laboratories and technicians are allowed to create authentic BPS dentures.

Moreover, the success of this denture type highly depends on the cooperation of the laboratory and a BPS certified dentist. We, at Evergreen Dental are proud to be able to offer this denture type to our patients.  

The three core ingredients for BPS dentures are carefully selected products:

Teeth moulds: big variety of natural looking tooth moulds
Denture base materials: materials that are very compatible with the patient’s sensitive oral mucus membrane, come in a wide range of colours to provide a perfect fit.
Articulators: accurate patient data equals functional dentures. The more accurate the data is the more functional the dentures will be. These state-of -the-art equipments were designed to be able to achieve high precision fit for any patient’s mouth.


  • Strong: the material is not likely to chip off or break
  • Clean: the surface is not ideal for any kind of bacteria
  • Accurate: comfortable to wear
  • Healthy: you will be able to eat any kinds of food
  • Aesthetic: natural looking, you will get your confidence back

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