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Clinic Spotlight: Evergreen Dental

What could mean a bigger gladness for a dental clinic than happy patients and good feedback?

At Evergreen Dental, we are extremely happy because our reviews indicate a good reputation.


Not so long ago, our blogpost appeared about GCR, the international standard for health clinics for patients, whose goal is to solve one of the biggest problems in international healthcare, namely to make it easier for patients to choose among the clinics worldwide. Based on the rating of the GCR, the TripAdvisor for medical providers, our Dental Clinic Evergreen Dental ranks 13th among all dental clinics in Central and Eastern Europe and 2nd in Budapest.


Qunomedical is the team that helps with advice on medical treatment so that you do not end up looking completely confused when searching. Recently, an article appeared on the Qunomedical website about Evergreen Dental. Here you get a general overview of the dental clinic, you can read about our extended guarantees, about the quality and some dentists at Evergreen Dental. The whole article can be read here.


On the website of the GHP our clinic Evergreen Dental was mentioned as the most patient-friendly clinic in Budapest.


Well, we can start the holidays with a big smile ?

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