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Happy Patient interview – Annie B. from Italy

Annie came to us all the way from Italy. She suffered from severe bone loss and tooth decay. Her friends and acquaintances recommended Evergreen Dental to her, so she decided to come here for a consultation in the beginning of July 2021.

After receiving a treatment plan she felt most comfortable with, she started the treatment with Dr. Dorina Popon, Dr. Edina Szárkiszján and Dr. Attila Simay at the end of July. 

First Dr. Attila Simay extracted some of her teeth that were in a bad condition, then her old crowns got removed as well. She went home with a temporary denture, and came back 3 months later in November, after the healing time was over. 

This second treatment was quick and comfortable. This time Dr. Attila Simay placed two implants in her upper jaw, which treatment was followed by another few months of healing time.

Finally, Annie came back for the third time in April 2022, for ten workdays. This was the final, prosthetic part of the treatment. At the end, she received a locator-denture for the upper jaw and a premium partial denture for the lower jaw.

Her main problem at the beginning was that she could not eat certain foods anymore, but at the end she could not only eat whatever she wanted, but the aesthetic of her new teeth was exceptional! She was very satisfied with our clinic and our doctors’ work. She found all staff members very friendly and helpful, and also in her words “all staff members were incredibly attentive to over-stressed patients’ needs!!” 

Thank you for your trust, Annie.

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