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Happy Patient Interview – Marianne K.

Marianne came to our clinic all the way from Bern, Switzerland. She got numerous recommendations from friends, so she chose to visit us with her husband.

She was open to an interview after her treatment and was very open and friendly to talk about her experiences regarding her stay here at Evergreen Dental.

Marianne has already been to Budapest earlier, this was her second time. She and her husband lived in Evergreen Dental’s apartment for the duration of their treatments. This was Marianne’s second time at our clinic and she said, she was really satisfied with us, this is why she chose us this time too. She also said that she absolutely loves Budapest, so she insisted on going on small trips in between treatments. They visited many places with her husband.

Another reason for choosing us was, besides her own good experiences, that we offered long-lasting solutions – that are fit for her – for a good price.

She had loose teeth; this was her main problem. She talked a lot with Dr. Dorina Popon (her treating dentist), and finally agreed on a bar-supported denture as a good and long-lasting solution. By the first visit, which lasted for 5 days, she had her loose teeth extracted and AlphaBio implants implanted by our main surgeon, Dr. Attila Simay. This counts as a basic treatment, Dr. Simay is professional and thorough when it comes to dental implants. After four months – the healing period prescribed by the doctors – she came back for the prosthetic part of the treatment and stayed for 10 days. Her whole treatment was smooth and lacked any complications. At the end of the treatment, she happily received her bar-supported denture. 

She was extremely happy about the outcome of the treatment, because not only did she have any pain, but also, she could finally eat what she wanted and smile widely and confidently. 

She told us in confidence, that she would recommend us to her friends and acquaintances wholeheartedly, because through her stay here, both she and her husband were treated wonderfully and with special attention. The staff was really nice and helpful, the doctors were professional and she got a great, long-lasting solution for a good price. She also added that the travel organisation and the quick work were an absolute plus to her experience.

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