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Happy Patient Review – Heinz S.

Heinz visited Evergreen Dental from Switzerland. He got to know Evergreen Dental via dentalreisen.ch website and also his friends recommended us, so he came with an open heart and trust. We talked to him at the end of his treatment about his expectations, opinions and experiences.

Heinz was accompanied by his wife when he came to Budapest. This was his first time in Hungary and was absolutely awestruck. They visited several places while they were here, including the Basilica, the Citadel and the Parliament building. When he was not busy at the clinic, they wandered around the city. 

He told us, the main reason for choosing Evergreen Dental – besides the heartfelt recommendations – was that not only our prices were fair for him, but we answered him right away, when he had any questions or concerns. He felt important and well informed.

His main problem was his loose teeth, he wanted a long lasting and convenient solution for it. After consulting with Dr. Dorina Popon, they decided to make a bar-supported denture for him.

He had two visits: First time he had to come to Budapest for 5 days, and after the healing time, on the second occasion he stayed for 10 days. During his first visit, he got bone-grafting treatment and our oral surgeon placed the implants for him effortlessly and without any complications. After 4 months, he came back and received his full solution, a bar-supported denture.

Heinz is very satisfied with the completed work. He is happy to be able to smile and laugh again confidently and can eat whatever he wants.

Heinz also shared with us, that he would absolutely recommend us further, because he experienced that we are quick and reliable, the staff is nice and helpful, the doctors are highly professional and furthermore, we offer premium quality for an affordable price.

Thank you for choosing Evergreen!

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