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Einsetzen von Kompositfüllung

Fillings are today (against earlier times when amalgam was used for metal fillings) made of composite, a high-quality dental plastic. This material is being applied in a soft condition and it strengthens when receiving light effect and grants a stable, aesthetic high-quality solution while solving the cavity problem. Very important is the quality of the used filling material as this is crucial with regards of duration and look. When placing the composite material in the cavity with a special filling technique we remake the original, anatomical form of the tooth and restore its function.

You might need a filling if your teeth have become chipped only to an extent that can be restored using the filling substance.

Also many patients are looking for safe removal of amalgam fillings in order to replace the metal fillings with white fillings. For this purpose we isolate the area to make sure none of the amalgam gets into the body when being removed.