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What is the difference – all about dentures

When you suffer from complete tooth loss, the easiest way to fix the problem is by full dentures. With full dentures, the goal is to give the chewing function back to the patients and be aesthetically pleasing. There are both removable and fixed denture solutions.

Here, at Evergreen Dental we also provide many possibilities be it a fixed or removable denture. The application of these technologies hugely depend on biological factors, such as bone density and the severity of bone loss on site. Both removable and fixed dentures have their pros and cons, in the following we will talk about our three most popular full-denture types; locator denture, bar-supported denture and All-on-4 denture. 

Locator Denture

By this technology, two implants are being implanted into the jawbone with two anchored locators. This method is fairly similar to the bar-supported solution, but is generally used when there is even less bone material. Knowing this, this method is used when the bone loss is at a more advanced stage. This is a removable denture, mostly used on the lower jaw. It provides a long-term solution, can give back a stable chewing-function, is easy to clean, any damage is easily replaceable, can be worn for a longer time, and is safe to sleep in.

Bar-supported denture

A very commonly used method to solve complete teeth loss. To make dentures like this, firstly four implants are set into the upper or lower jawbone. Onto the implant goes the metallic rod or bar, which will support the denture. The “negative” of the bar-structure is built into the inner part of the denture, and the denture is fixed through the passing of the two elements with a rubber pad. This pad is to be replaced every 2-3 years. This solution is also very easy to clean and looks really esthetic, moreover, with the insertion of the implants, further bone loss can be prevented, because the bone is being used.


When it comes to an All-on-4 denture, the finished full denture stands on four implants, making sure that the denture stays permanently in place. All-on-4 solution is a very efficient technique developed by Nobel Biocare allowing a fixed bridge on only 4 implants in both upper and lower jaw.  All-on-4 grants a long-lasting aesthetic solution through a safe fixed anchoring. These All-on-4 implants in the bone provide high stability and comfort. With their help (in some cases) bone augmentation surgeries can be avoided. After the implants are placed, there shall be a 4-6 months of healing period for ossification, for which the patient receives a temporary denture. After the healing period, the final full denture can be applied.

The benefits of having an all-on-4 include that only four implants are needed for it, it looks absolutely natural, they are very durable, the patient will appear younger since the cheeks won’t be so sunken in, no more glues, no more sensitivity, with careful cleaning it lasts your decades.

How long does it take to complete a full dental solution?

Implant treatments normally require two arrivals. On the first arrival, the implants are placed and, if necessary, the provisional teeth are created. Patients who have a full denture may continue to wear it after the implant insertion during the healing period. The prosthesis only needs to be relined. The healing time is normally 3-6 months. The first visit usually takes 3-5 days, the second visit 10 working days. On the first visit, the implants are placed, an impression is taken, the temporary prosthesis or bridge is fitted, finalized and checked. During the second treatment the final solution is being made, that is why the dental technician requires 10 working days to work. All in all, in most cases our patients need to come twice to Budapest and spend 15 working days here in total. 

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