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Why is toothache so nagging?

A jabbing toothache not only ruins our whole day but also our whole night. We can’t work, we can’t relax and we can’t sleep. In order to get back fast to normality the reasons should be found out right away. Our little guide shall provide help:

The reasons for toothache:


Caries is a problem of dental hard tissue. Due to the damage of the enamel impulses from outside like cold, heat, acid-attacks and pressure are felt much stronger as usually. The reaction is first only like an electric shock but stays permanent later on. In many cases only medicine eases the pain.

Solution: after the removal of the decayed part the missing part can be restored with aesthetic filling. Bigger faults can usually be restored with an inlay. One of this processes will solve the problem and resolve the pain.

Inflammation caused by a dead tooth

If caries is neglected or by chance in case of a polished tooth it might happen that the tooth dies off. As a result a chronicle inflammation might develop at the tip of the bone that can be asymptomatic for years. The problem usually brings along a stump persistent pain but is it also not extraordinary that sensitiveness is felt when chewing. In extreme cases it can even lead to swellings in the face even leading to a life-threatening problem.

Possible activator: weak immune system, heat (e.g. sauna), missing dental control

Solution: the dentists of Evergreen Dental clinic in Budapest always strive to save the existing teeth. In case of inflammations it’s mostly the intensity that determines whether the tooth can be saved by a root canal treatment. In case the inflammation reaches an extent leaving no chance for saving the tooth thrugh a root canal treatment the extraction of the tooth can solve the problem on the short-run. The lost tooth should be replaced of aesthetic and medical reasons.

Inflammation of the parodontium (periodontal inflammation)

The symptoms of a periodontal inflammation can be gum bleeding, loose teeth, bad breath and tartar.

Solution: Besides the individual mouth-hygiene therapy also the use of antibiotics can be used for easing the pain.

Wisdom tooth

Today one third of all people suffer from problems in connection with wisdom teeth. In most cases the pain occurs due to the bad position of the wisdom tooth. An inflammation occurs in case the wisdom tooth is not fully grown out. Symptoms are stump, stabbing pain, mouth closure, fever and swellings.

Solution: Antibiotics for easing the pain, cleaning of the gum sacs around the inflamed tooth with liquid medicine.

Toothache caused by enamel wearout

Our teeth are saved from outside effects by the enamel. In case of healthy enamel cold or hot effects don’t cause any pain. But in case the enamel is worn out due to any reason the dentin underneath together with the dentin canal are set free. The lack of this protection causes a much more intense reaction to outside effects.

Solution: Filling of the tooth neck, the missing enamel is replaced by filling material with tooth color.

Inflammation of the inside of the tooth

In case of strong caries unfortunately the inside of the tooth is infected. In this case a delayed pain can occur lasting for hours. Many times the problematic tooth feels as if it would excavate from the other teeth. The inflammation can be so bad that even the touch of the tongue can cause immense problems. In these cases only painkillers give a temporary solution. In case you experience these symptoms you should go see a dentist right away.

Solution: root canal treatment removing the infected tissue and eliminating the pain. This treatment is performed in local anesthesia therefore no need to be afraid of any pain the intervention is not felt at all.

Teeth grinding

A widespread disease nowadays is teeth grinding. The stressful lifestyle, the permanent pressure situations or depression can all leave their mark on the teeth. The phenomenal of teeth grinding not only occurs at night during sleep but sometimes also during the whole day. We should do something against it because if the teeth are permanently under pressure their fibers become overloaded. In such cases we usually don’t feel pain at a particular tooth but at many teeth simultaneously. A problem typically going along with mandibular, temple or neck pain.

Solution: on the short-term we advise to wear a bite splint in order to save the teeth. The long-term pain ease can be achieved by restoring the bite position.

Damaged teeth

In case of a sudden, strong effect the tooth hard tissue can be damaged heavily causing strong toothache. In this case the solution is depending on the extent of the damage.

Solution possibilities: Filling, filling of the tooth neck, porcelain veneer, root canal treatment, extraction, implantation and crown.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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