Learn more about inlays in our dental lexicon.
An inlay needed when the cavity is spread-out in a way that a regular filling is not sufficient and a more extensive filling produced in the dental lab, is needed. Inlays are a very good possibility for saving a tooth with strong cavity. The materials used for inlays are gold, composite or ceramic.

In fact, inlays are a kind of filling, that are made by a technician based on an imprint made previously then fixed in the tooth with an adhesive. Similarly to the steps of making a filling, we remove the decayed parts of the tooth. After that we drill the hole to a shape – naturally making sure to sacrifice as little tooth matter as possible – that is most appropriate for the proper fixing of the inlay.

Next, we make an imprint. Based on that, the technician creates the inlay, using premium quality composite or ceramic materials, whereas ceramic usually lasts longer. Finally, we fix it in the tooth with a special adhesive.

With an inlay we can completely restore the anatomical shape, function and aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Inlays” are small supplements that do not require the replacement of tooth cusps, only filling the “inside”.