Next part of our dental lexicon are onlays. Contrary with inlays are “onlays” that replace cusps and have a volume. Onlays refer to the outside area of the teeth when the filling includes the replacement of the tooth edge as well.

Also onlays can be made of gold, composite or ceramic however inlays and onlays of gold are not that popular any more as they don’t look natural and also weigh more. Also in addition to the lab costs the price of gold has to be considered, for an inlay 3-6 grams of gold are needed.

What are onlays are made of?

  • Porcelain onlay: The insert is made of pure porcelain. More demanding than any other modified ceramic inlay – with exact dental and technical work, as well as correct color selection, it is the perfect complement to the original tooth enamel.
  • Gold onlay: Out of all inlays, this inlay has the best edge closure, making it the safest of them all. In most cases, this otherwise excellent and possibly best and most durable refill option will be rejected by patients for their high gold price or esthetics.